• Sourcebook Electromobility

    Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart Region play a leading role in the field of electromobility in Germany and Europe. The Sourcebook Elektromobility gives a detail-rich overview of the various activities in this area in southwest-Germany and allows for search functions by full-text, organization type or category.


e-mobil BW, Baden-Wuerttembergs State Agency for Electric Mobility and Fuel Cell Technology, is the central point of contact for all issues surrounding sustainable mobility solutions and alternative drive technologies. This innovations agency brings together relevant stakeholders from industry, science and research as well as public authorities. And it provides special support for small and medium-sized companies exploring new fields of usiness in electric mobility. All of e-mobil BWs activities are based on the principle of sustainability: ecological and reasonable mobility solutions must be developed in the long term, which need to be economically successful and acceptable for society. e-mobil BW is also engaged in activities involving location marketing and industrial settlement and supports the creation of favourable framework conditions as regards infrastructure, training and education, and the promotion of talent. Its activities target the establishment of Baden-Wuerttemberg as an important development and production location, and as a relevant market for the mobility of the future. By coordinating the sponsoring projects launched by the federal government - "Electric Mobility Pilot Region", the "Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West", and the "Showcase Region for Electric Mobility LivingLab BW e mobil" - and in its contribution to the "Fuel Cell BW" cluster, it strives to reach these goals. As an important industrial location, Baden-Wuerttemberg already provides favourable conditions for electric mobility, integrated vehicles and intermodal transport.