• Sourcebook Electromobility

    Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart Region play a leading role in the field of electromobility in Germany and Europe. The Sourcebook Elektromobility gives a detail-rich overview of the various activities in this area in southwest-Germany and allows for search functions by full-text, organization type or category.


The Fraunhofer project group for new drive systems (NAS) was established in Karlsruhe in 2010. The project groups main focus is application-based research and development to increase the efficiency of drive systems. The NAS project group is the outcome of a cooperation between two Fraunhofer institutes: the Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal and the Institute for Mechanics of Materials (IWM) in Freiburg. In addition, the NAS project group maintains close scientific cooperation with the institute for re-ciprocating engines (IFKM) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The research and development work of the NAS project group is refl ected in the following fields of work: "Energy converters / combustion engines" Hybrid drives - Thermal management - Test methods - Combined heat and power units Systems for utilising residual heat Lightweight construction in drive-trainsTo manage the projects in these fields of work, the NAS project group relies on its internal capacities in the areas of construction, simulation and testing. They use the latest software tools, such as CATIA V5 for design and GT Power, MatLab Simulink and CFD calculations for simulation and design. To test close-to-series concepts, we have highly fl exible engine test stands at our Karlsruhe site.