• Sourcebook Electromobility

    Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart Region play a leading role in the field of electromobility in Germany and Europe. The Sourcebook Elektromobility gives a detail-rich overview of the various activities in this area in southwest-Germany and allows for search functions by full-text, organization type or category.


RA Consulting GmbH has been successfully active for more than 20 years in three core fields: Software Technology, Automotive and Embedded Systems. The Software Technology department concentrates traditional IT services, focusing on developing technical database-driven applications (including the integration of mobile systems) for industry. The Automotive division is focused on developing software products for diagnostics, calibration and validation of electronic controllers, mainly for use in the automobile industry. The Embedded Systems department develops diagnostic software for controllers, data loggers, telematics units and mobile devices (such as smartphones) as well as provides development services for industrial customers. For the Elise project of the "Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West", supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research, researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology cooperate with the companies RA Consulting and CarMedialab. Elise examines the interactions between the driver, the vehicle and the environment incorporating data processing concepts for cars as well as independent charging units. Its goal is to make electric vehicles more reliable and affordable, so as to ultimately consolidate e-mobility in the market.