• Sourcebook Electromobility

    Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart Region play a leading role in the field of electromobility in Germany and Europe. The Sourcebook Elektromobility gives a detail-rich overview of the various activities in this area in southwest-Germany and allows for search functions by full-text, organization type or category.


Ziehl-Abegg (Künzelsau) with more than 100 years of experience in building electric motors has become an established market leader. Until now, Ziehl-Abegg motors could be found in elevators, fans and in special purpose vehicles. It has always been our goal to reduce energy consumption, minimise noise and build durable and reliable high-quality motors.For the forward-looking concept of the in-wheel hub drive system, Ziehl-Abegg uses its expertise as technology leader in the development of electric motors - targeting maximum performance with minimum power consumption within an extremely compact design. Our solution for a city bus to be a serially designed gearless hybrid vehicle (or electric vehicle with single-wheel drive) is to implement an electric motor on the basis of a synchronous motor, with an external rotor, integrated electronics and water cooling. Since the synchronous motor with external rotor (as in-wheel hub drive) operates without a gear-box or differential, it greatly increases the efficiency of the in-wheel hub drive compared to conventional gearbox solutions. Reliable data from measurement values from long-term field tests examining range extender buses in operation in the Netherlands and fully electric buses in Sweden document this efficiency.