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University of Stuttgart - Institute of Business Administration (BWI)

Practical research for sustainable mobility concepts

Contact person

Ansprechpartner University of Stuttgart - Institute of Business Administration (BWI)

Prof. Dr. Georg Herzwurm
Keplerstrasse 17
70174 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 685 82385
Fax: +49 711 685 82388

Organization type

Science & Innovation


training and development, research institutes , universities

sustainable mobility engineering

The chair of general business administration and information systems II at the University of Stuttgart conducts its research specifically in the fields of requirement engineering, cloud computing business models, software platforms, software ecosystems and software product management. Practical research takes place within the advanced manufacturing, smart software business and sustainable mobility clusters. The latter sustainable mobility cluster focuses on the engineering-based identification of requirements for implementing information systems support-ing mobility services. Other fields of activity are scalable IT services for use with mobile devices and the examination of future-oriented business models. Sustainable mobility concepts must be a well-balanced triad of economic, ecological and social aspects. For this, organisational and technological issues as well as management and leadership aspects must be taken into consideration when designing mobility service information systems. In the context of the "LivingLab BWe mobil" projects involving electrically powered community buses for public transport, the chair examines the aforementioned issues and aspects and pays special attention to the social aspects.