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eac GmbH


Contact person

Alexander Rosenfelder
Marktplatz 6
74382 Neckarwestheim
Phone: 07133900230

Organization type

service and consultation
electrical engineering and infrastructure
vehicle manufacturers and supplier
mobility provider



Onemile Halo City + TRIKKE PLEV - Urban Mobility

eac GmbH is the german partner of Onemile and TRIKKE. The company´s headquarters is located in Neckarwestheim near Stuttgart (Baden-Wuerttemberg).Onemile and TRIKKE are manufacturer of small electric vehicles (Personal Light Electric Vehicle - PLEV).Halo City by Onemile launched in 2018 in Europe. More Informations: www.halocity.de.The electrical TRIKKE is the ideal combination of efficiency and sportily active progressive movement.
By a patented joint the vehicle with the body movement puts into the curves and is so stably and agilely at the same time. With few handles it can be folded up and be transported in such a way in the passenger car as well as bus and train.
The eV6.1 developed for Germany possesses a road permission.
Already more than 3,000 vehicles are from the electrical Trikke in use all over Europe.