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Fautronix GmbH

Contact person

Christph Fauck
Hegelstrasse 16
72762 Reutlingen
Phone: +49 7121 7555851
Fax: +49 7121 7555852

Organization type

service and consultation
Science & Innovation
information and communications technology



When complexity seems easy

The Fautronix GmbH is an engineering company spezialized to elektronic and software development as well as FPGA and SoC design.

We support our customers in the development and manufacture of measuring instruments as well as test and control systems or develop and manufacture these according to customer requirements.

We serve both industrial customers and the automotive industry as well as aviation industry.

Our focus is mostly on signal acquisition and fast signal processing with FPGA or SoC and delivery via PCIe or Ethernet to a HIL, PC or an embedded system.